Tools are important


A year ago, everyone in the office I was contracting at decided to make the jump to Vim. The change was quick. People were hacking in consoles. I’ve used Vim for the longest time, but when Sublime came along, I decided that I could have all the benefits (or many) but with the power of a modern editor underneath it all. Not wanting to be left behind, I fired up my old copy of Vim and started playing around.

Everything old is new again.

A year later, I can’t believe why it took me so long to switch back. But not only to switch but to spend most of my time in the terminal.

The next few posts will be how I got to this point. This tinkering with my work-flow and tools may be a life-long process that never ends. So I don’t claim to have the ultimate work-flow. As of now, here’s my setup:

  • iTerm2
  • zsh
  • tmux w/Truecolor, tmuxinator, easy pane navigation
  • vim 8 w/Truecolor, airline, terminal_velocity, a ton of plugins
  • nvim w/Truecolor